Thursday, 23 May 2013

Something New

Oh my dear friends, what a bad blogger I've been!

I hope some of you lovelies are still out there as I am going to make an effort to blog more regularly!!

Life is still plodding on, crochet, crafts and trips out have been occurring - although I have to say I am mightily fed up now of this chilly grey weather, c'mon sunshine where are you?!

I have also started a new venture, hand stamping gorgeous vintage cutlery - they make fabulous, quirky gifts and can be found in my etsy shop or you can email me for something personalised.

Anyways, I shall be back soon and hopefully I shall bring the sunshine with me!

Until then, lots of love



  1. Nice to see you again! :) the stamped cutlery is such a great idea!

  2. Sometimes you need a litle break....lovely to see you back again.'s about time we had some warmer weather,the wind was so cold when I was out walking Bella today!

    Bellaboo X

  3. Hello! Never seen the stamping idea before! Love your crochet, yes some sunshine would be fantastic! :) x

  4. Hello my lovely! I know just how much one sometimes needs a break from blogging! I too have taken a l-o-n-g break, but am back with good intentions to write a little more! I luuuuuuv your cutlery! Great idea for gifts. I shall keep them in mind! Here's to many happy adventures in blog land! Tania x

  5. Hello, welcome back :-) Sometimes one just needs to step away from things for a while. Sounds like you've been busy though - great pics and I love the idea of the handstamped cutlery... popping over to your shop now for a wee peek.

  6. Hi Victoria, didn't realise you'd been away for so long, I'm glad I 'see' you on Instagram!

    Welcome back

    Love Claire xx

  7. Love those spoons. I saw a sweet idea on Pinterest last night( very addictive ) where the spoon end is bent a right angles to the handle and then nailed on a piece of wood. And a tea light sits in the bent spoon. Really quirky

  8. I was only wondering the other day where you had got to Victoria! Welcome back.

  9. I see you over on Instagram so I never feel you are far away, ha! Lovely new venture in your shop :) Hazel x

  10. Welcome back! Love your spoon and crochet work Victoria!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  11. Hi Victoria...Your crochet is looking so the colours! The hand stamped vintage cutlery is gorgeous...I'm off to have a look in your shop!!
    Happy Weekend to you,
    Susan x

  12. I too am being a poor blogger recently - pleased to see you back. Love the stamping on cutlery, have seen it done on spoons before but not cake forks which I love and have put in an order for. XX

  13. oh I LOVE those spoons!!!