Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What a Lucky Girl I Am!

Thank you all so so much for your birthday wishes yesterday.  I had a wonderful day and I was spoilt rotten! I was told - 'well you're only 30 once!'

Lots of tea was drunk, lots of cake was eaten and of course presents were opened.

From hubby and the Little Sweetpeas I was treated to a very special present

So I can now be found on Instagram :) pop by and say hello, my button is on the right sidebar.

From my lovely sister, brother-in-law and little Florence

Beautiful bamboo needles, knitting bag (reminds me of Ada's wonderful fabrics!) and a fabulous book.  I have mastered casting on :)

Cath Kidston loveliness from my In Laws

And from my wonderful parents

This crochet hook and case is from 1907 - AdOrE it! I wonder how many crochet items have been whipped up with this!

Utterly gorgeous felt handbag

Can't wait to make some things from this book

And the new kindle paperwhite (hopefully arriving before Christmas)

See........... Totally and utterly spoilt. And that's not all, Mum and Dad are taking hubby and me out on Friday afternoon/evening but I don't know where we are going - it's a surprise, sooooooo excited!

Hope you're all having a LoVeLy week.



  1. Woweeeee looks like you were amazingly rotten spoilt but completly deserve every little bit of it. I wonder what your surprise is. Even I am excited!

  2. Haha, I totally agree with Miss Granny!
    Love from Mirjam.

  3. Oooh how exciting ... a secret trip ... you deserved all the spoiling ... Bee xx

  4. What lovely pressies you received. I LOVE unwrapping surprises and why shouldn't we be spoilt now and then? Glad you enjoyed your day.
    Patricia x

  5. Glad youhada lovely day Victoria, I'm following you on Instagram ... Thanks for following me! Xxx

  6. Oooh lucky girl.. Happy Birthday
    Special wishes
    Thea x

  7. What lovely gifts, enjoy your surprise on Friday, and do rush back and tell us all about it, as we're as excited as you are! That crochet hook is gorgeous :)
    Sue Xxx

  8. What wonderful and sweet gifts!! Love the crochet hook and cute bag!! Enjoy your celebrating!! xo Heather

  9. What utterly gorgeous presents! A very happy belated birthday :) I got an iPhone 4 a couple of weeks ago and love it, will be following you on Instagram! Lots of luck with your knitting adventures too! x

  10. Wow, what fantastic pressies! Have a great time with that camera! :)

  11. Happy belated birthday! Wow you are very lucky. Lots of goodies !

    Will follow to on Instagram : )

    Gemma xx

  12. Wow what lovely presents adore the crochet hook and case what a smashing present and im with you i wonder who used it before you and what they made ;-) Im afraid i don't like kindles i don't understand them at all i would much prefere to have a book, the smell the feel of the pages when you turn them and if its vintage the whole concept of who had it first etc wins me over each time. But were all different and thats what makes the world go around ;-) Have a lovely time on Friday evening, dee x

  13. Dear Victoria
    What a lovely collection of presents. I hope you have a wonderful time on your surprise outing.
    Best wishes

  14. What a lucky and well loved lady you are xx What fabulous gifts and rightly so for a 30th, I am hoping for an iphone for my bday aswell so I can joing the land of we will have to keep an eye out for eachother.

    Can't to find out where you will be going, all very exciting and mysterious xx

  15. Wow, what wonderful pressies..sounds like you had a great Birthday :) I am pleased to hear you are on instagram..I have just added you to follow (I am lilmissmagie on there).

  16. Love the knitting bag, you must have been a very good girl this year!
    I will pop by and follow you on Instagram, I am quite new to it too.
    Belated happy birthday from me. X

  17. Very special the crochet hook and case from 1907 and you have got a lot of lovely presents.

  18. Lovely, lovely presents (I'm green that you got the iPhone ... I have it on my Christmas list) and Yay!, you're knitting !!!

  19. What a fab birthday! Congrats on the new iphone and nice to see you on IG! :)

    S x

  20. Happy 30th Birthday Victoria!!!!
    Hope you've been having a wonderful birthday, and lucky you to receive all those lovely pressies!
    Gill xx

  21. How wonderful!
    Such lovely thoughtful gifts...
    Enjoy your surprise outing too, Victoria, can't wait to hear all about it!
    Leaving you with a smile as always!
    Love Maria x

  22. You certainly were pampered, lucky woman!

    I've popped by to congratulate you on being the other winner in Fiona's giveaway. Your luck just keeps on coming along.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  23. Happy (belated) Birthday wishes Victoria. All your presents look great - love the green felt bag in particular. Quite right too, being spoilt on your big birthday.

    Hope you enjoy your mystery tour today xx

  24. Happy Birthday to you!!! What lovely gifts you received! Enjoy the to see if I can connect with you on instagram.

  25. Utterly spoilt, however I'm sure you deserve it all. Happy 30th x