Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Where Does Time Go?

Can you believe there are only 6 weeks until Christmas? 
Thought I'd do a little round up post of this weeks snaps, I have been busily making things for Laalaas Advent swap (but I can't show you those photos just yet.)

Crochet and coffee's and more new projects :)

Got this GoRgEoUs vintage yarn from ebay and whipped up this beautiful cowl I found on Annaboo's House in one day!

It's sooooooo cosy!

A trip to the park.  The oak is still hanging onto it's greenery!

Beautiful berries

And crunchy leaves

This sweet little bird is now a regular visitor to our garden

Stunning pink skies have led to........

Amazing frosts

 A spot of baking - Tiramisu (hubby's favourite!)

And this scrummy Irish Tea Cake - courtesy of Fiona at Raindrops and Daisies

And the last of the flowers in our little garden

Hope you've all had a super lovely week?


  1. OMG only 6 weeks, you've sent me into a panic!!!

  2. I haven't got anything ready yet! Panic! Love your passion flower! :)

  3. When you find out where it goes let me know please. I'd dearly love to remedy my loss of time! :-)
    Is that a thrush? he looks like a thrush but a bit puffed up? great picture though as all the others ...fantastic sky!!!
    I'm freezing....yes it does get cold here.

    keep well


  4. It always seems to go from plenty of time to eek, a few weeks, or maybe it's just my general lack of organisation! Loving the cowl :) x

  5. Your scarf is so pretty I really love the stitch you used! You always have the most beautiful photos but my favorite this time is the frost....it's amazing Oh and the bird! Have a great week! Shari

  6. Such beautiful photos ... can't believe Christmas is so close ... so much to do ... have a really lovely week ... Bee xx

  7. Hello Victoria,
    great pictures! I really like the first one, it's relaxing! :)

  8. Very beautiful photos... and yes, where did the time go? I swear it was only just summer!!

  9. hi Victoria! I love all your photos and your cowl looks very cosy indeed. Wishing you a happy week! xx

  10. Eeeek!! 6 weeks!

    Lovely pics Victoria, that scarf looks gorgeous xxx

  11. A lovely photo stream, a warm and beautiful cowl, mouthwatering tiramisu, the last Passiflora flower, flaming skies. We have a lovely world, that's why time flies.

  12. Lovely pics, and love that cowl - such pretty yarn. Eeek.. so much to do/make/buy, so little time.. funny how it always sneaks up on us every year at the same time ;-)
    Have a lovely week too, & thanks for following!

  13. I love your cowl it looks so snuggly.

  14. A lovely post , Victoria and no I can't get my head around how fast this year has flown by...Love your cosy cowl, just what you need for this frosty weather!
    Love Maria x

  15. The cowl looks very cosy!! And I can't believe its 6 weeks until christmas! Although thankfully I am nearly finished one of my christmas presents and only have one left to complete. Then I am going to craft some christmas decorations and things like that...Hope I have enough time!!

  16. Love the cowl! Just getting into cowls myself, I seem to get to work in a morning and my neck refuses to let go of it so I just wear it all day. Very comforting! Lovely autumnal snaps too - that bird needs a name now he's a regular ;) x

  17. What a lot of beautiful pictures!
    That cowl looks nice and so do you ;-).
    In Holland we celebrate " Saint Nicolas" first, on December the 5th, the man's birthday. After that we start thinking of Christmas;
    a lot later then in most countries!
    Love from Mirjam.

  18. A wonderful cowl Hun! So cute. And I love the pic of the birdi

  19. Forty two sleeps - but I'm not counting....much.

    Love the cowl

    Nina x

  20. The cowl is stunning Victoria, perfect for those frosty mornings!

  21. Love your beautiful cowl!! I can't believe only 6 weeks and so much sewing and crafting to do! ;) xo Heather

  22. I know 6 weeks...just did a post on that today!!! yikes...makes me a little nervous...seeing I have so much to do or that I want to do.
    Your scarf is lovely and looks like a great week you had...and yummy. xoxo

  23. hi Victoria! I love all your photos, time really goes fast, too fast
    2013 wedding dress.

  24. Time goes fast when you are having fun and using our crochet hook is fun! :-) Love your cowl. I made one too when I saw it on Annaboo's blog. Still have to show it but wanted to show it with the purse I am also making of the same yarn.

    Love your EB mug! I started collecting them but then went over to Brixton. Now they are no longer for sale anywhere in Holland. Such a shame...

    Hugs from Holland ~

  25. Lovely photos. I like the cowl..looks so soft and toasty!
    Yummy tiramisu..that is my hubby's favourite as well (one of mine as well).
    Time sure is flying by..where do the days go.
    Magie x

  26. The cowl is very pretty. You are so talented. These pictures are lovely, and I especially like the pink in the clouds. The Irish tea cake looks so delicious. It kind of looks like our Christmas fruit cake here.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  27. Mmmmm tiramusu is one of my favourites too. Love the cowl aswell, it really suits you xxx

  28. That Cowl is Just the thing I needed for today, gorgeous, warm and cosy, clever you....
    Daisy x

  29. The cowl looks great on you! I enjoy wearing them as well. When it get colder I love to wrap them around my head too, so that my ears don't get cold.

    The photo's from the park look lovely.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  30. I love the cosy cowl, it looks so warm and comfortable. I love the Irish tea cake too....you make some delicious things, Victoria!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  31. Your cowl is lovely! It looks so cosy perfecy to snuggle in when it's cold out :) Have a lovely weekend. Elisabeth xx

  32. Im just getting into the "making things for Christmas" mode - Ive got 4 bloggy swaps on the go (I know - Im a crazy lady!!) and then family and friends to make for.... but now OFSTED have left the building (woop!!) I might actually have some "me" time to get on with crafting!

    The cowl is lovely, I so want to make one but will probably wait until the Christmas hols when I can actually make some things for me!!