Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Bit of an Obsession?

Well this is what Mr Postie delivered at the weekend...

I fell in love with the title and the cover (I'm a sucker for beautiful images) and also because I have a bit of a penchant for books - in particular cookery books.  Below are some of the images taken from the book and boy oh boy I cannot wait to give some of them a go....

This is the first one that caught my eye, Daddy Sweetpea LOVES profiteroles and I've just bought a piping bag so I'm sure some of these will be in the making very soon.  These are called Rose Queen Profiteroles made with rose water cream and crystallised rose petals Mmmmm...

Next up is the Malted Nougat, beautifully studded with Maltesers - yum yum....

And finally Peanut Butterflies.  I never liked peanuts or peanut butter until I fell pregnant with my son when I must have eaten the worlds share of peanut butter and banana toasted sandwiches (I'm really paying for it now! Diet starts Monday)

This book is full of pretty images and delicious recipes for all occasions - it's definitely a coffee table book but well worth buying. 

I will leave you with a sneaky peek of some of my obsession.  At last count there were near on 70 cookery books in my possession (Sssh, don't tell Daddy Sweetpea!) Not to mention all the crochet/craft/fiction/children's books too.

Do you have a bit of an obsession?



  1. I adore sweets and these look so yummy! I'm so glad you have joined blogland ~ it's so much fun. Love the name of your blog too ~ really cute!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment JoAnn, you have a gorgeous blog - I found you via a sort of fairytale, you have a beautiful home!
      Victoria xx

  2. Gosh - they all look so dainty - you can imagine them being served at Downton Abbey! I think my skill lies in food you can chuck in a pan and stir every so often - anything fiddly and it turns to a mush - tasty, but not easy on the eye!

  3. Your new book looks beautiful, definitely one to put on my wish list! I love small cakes and bakes best and these look really pretty. Thanks for visiting me, it's so nice to find your blog, and I love the name!
    Helen x

  4. What a lovely book! The pictures look lovely but I think the cakes are far too dainty for me!! It's great to have an obsession isn't it - and what a lovely one your is.

    I have two obsessions - knitting and running - pop over to my blog and you can read about them.

    Fleur xx

  5. Yum! I collect cookbooks too, and decorating books as well. My husband doesn't understand it. At least yours makes yummy things! Thanks for being my newest follower!

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments, Victoria xx

  7. Your new book looks wonderful....another one for my wish list...I have quite a few of your books on my shelf (I'm a Nigella fan too!)...yes, I have to confess I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to cooking and crafty books...looking for yet more book shelves at the moment!
    Susan x

  8. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment, yes you've got to love Nigella! I am awaiting the arrival of a new bookcase in a few weeks time :) its quite a big one so will have LOTS of space for more books! :)
    Victoria xx

  9. Those profiteroles look delicious. I've got too many cookbooks too, though I don't tend to buy many these days. My weakness is anything to do with preserves and I would never part with my Delia ones! xx

  10. Blimey - that does look good.

    Not a bad obsession to have......at all.

    Nina x