Friday, 20 April 2012

Sweet Friday..........

.............well it's Friday again and my Friday baking time was dedicated to something of the sweetie variety - courtesy of a recipe from Made With Pink and it only has 4 ingredients (coconut, icing sugar, condensed milk and vanilla extract) and requires NO cooking at all!

Coconut Ice

Oh, it's so scrummy, it's nostalgic, it's coconutty (is that a word?), it's soft and sweet and oh so pretty and pink.

I love the tiffany blue colour of Made With Pink but I fancied the more traditional pink plus that's what I had in my cupboard!

My Friday flowers are lovely spring daffodils again.... All tightly closed awaiting to reveal their inner yellow gorgeousness! But the lighting is so poor here today thanks to very dark, cloudy skies so I'll be back over the weekend with, hopefully, some lovely pics.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend...



  1. That looks so lovely ... When I made it didn't set properly and we had toput it in the freezer, so not a success! Xx

  2. oooh yum your post has made my mouth water!
    Have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  3. It looks so pretty and delicious...I wish I liked coconut!

  4. Oh wow that takes me back! I may have to try to make some this week, it looks lovely.

  5. Hello! There is nothing like daffies to lighten your day and your heart! What delightful goodies you have Happy mondayx

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments. Oh dear I wish I hadn't made it - I seem to have eaten rather a lot :-/
    Victoria xx

  7. that looks yummy.
    very lovely blog...will be popping by again.x