Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring.................. is so so gloomy here, how about where you are?

Well we are on Day 3 of potty training and all going well so far but we do feel we have been shut away from the outside world for years :) but with the weather being like it is I'm glad we're cozy indoors. We may make our first outing tomorrow - only to visit Grandma tho, not too far.


So, being cut off from the world we have done some baking....

These scrummy little vanilla buns are plain and simple yet so so tasty. I use the same recipe for most of my cakes just little variations here and there (raisins, chocolate chips, white chocolate and cranberry etc) sometimes I frost them with buttercream and other times just a glaze of icing sugar. For any of you that are interested it's just:

175g butter (or I sometimes use Stork)
175g vanilla infused caster sugar
175g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
3 eggs
A slash of vanilla extract

I use the all in one method and mix all the ingredients in one go - this makes 12 buns/cupcakes and they go into a pre heated oven (180 degrees) for about 10 to 15 mins until golden and springy.

We've done lots and lots and lots of tea drinking....

And some crocheting (excuse the spotty pyjamas!) and crafting too....

I have been in need of a little injection of colour what with the whiteness of my giant granny and the greyness of the sky so today I decided to have a little go at joining granny squares as you go (using Lucy's method over at Attic24).......

Not looking too bad, I don't know what these little squares of cheerfulness will turn into (I hadn't thought that far ahead but I'm thinking either a tote bag or a cushion cover) lets wait and see.......

Hope the sunshine returns soon



  1. Hello
    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog, I meant to leave a comment the other day but got distracted. I know what you mean about the rain, dreadful isn't it, especially with little ones who like to get outdoors. I remember when our Alice was being potty trained, she was a real pickle to begin with but soon got he drift when i kept asking her if she needed a wee wee !!

    I have never joined granny squares as i go, must give it a go as it would save a lot of time and faff in sewing the together as I've always done.
    Take care and lets cross fingers for that sunny shine xox Penelope

  2. Hi Penelope
    I think we are almost there with the potty now :) think this has been the toughest part thus far :) Joining grannies is really quite easy, I was a bit worried when I first started but once you get going it comes together nicely. You don't get that gorgeous pile of little squares building up but this is far quicker than doing it all at the end!
    Victoria xx

  3. Hi! Just popping over to say hello! and thanks for all your recent comments. I'll have a quick read of your blog while I'm here...
    Good luck with the potty training - I remember those days well!
    Victoria x

  4. Hi Victoria, thank you so much for your comment, really enjoy reading your blog! Enjoy the Reston the weekend,
    Victoria xx