Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jar Of Love Swap

Two posts in one day, wow!

Very excited about this one!  Last month I was paired up the the very lovely Shelley from All 4 Meggy Moo in Katie's Jar of Love swap.

After lots of blog stalking and a few emails, we filled our jars and popped them in the post yesterday.
Mine arrived at lunchtime.........................

I unwrapped the paper and opened the box to be greeted with gorgeous yellow tissue paper and a note

Careful unwrapping of the tissue revealed the most prettiest crochet jar cover I've ever seen!

OOh and I was soooo spoilt by Shelley! My jar was crammed full of wonderful things!

Crochet flower brooch and crochet jug cover both made by Shelley and some lovely heart cookie cutters

Twine, sparkly beads, crochet heart and handmade needle case

11 StUnNiNg vintage glass beads in a pretty tin

A beautiful glass charm to hang at the window to make rainbows in the room and some sweet dotty cake cases.

Thank you so so much Shelley for my fabulous jar! I hope yours has arrived safely and you are as thrilled as I am!!  And thank you Katie for organising such a super swap!

Much Love


  1. O what a lovely jar of goodies.

  2. I love this jar idea. It's amazing all the treasures that fit!

  3. The jars are a great idea, yours is just wonderful :) enjoy your goodies.

    Bee happy x

  4. Wow what a nice idea- a jar full of lovely pretty things!
    I'm looking forward to our 'All things British Swap' x

  5. Adorable!!! What a good idea to have a jar swap. So many wonderful treasures can fit inside. Happy day to you.

  6. How nice....what a lovely gift!

  7. I love the jar cover! What a sweet idea!
    Some lovely gifts there, lucky you :)
    Sue xx

  8. I'm so happy the jar arrived with you safely. Glad you like your gifts too.
    I think the post office tried to deliver my jar yesterday but was taken back to the post office as I was out. I will be calling by the post office this afternoon :-)

  9. What lovely pressies..it is so fun to see what people have managed to fit into a jar for the swap (love the crochet jar cover!).

  10. What a wonderful idea! A jar filled with crafty goodies is just adorable!
    Your treats are so lovely :)
    Helen x

  11. yes, 2 posts on one day is very impressive with summer upon us. you got such a wonderful array of goodies in the jar swap. the cover is precious. thanks for stopping by my blog, i'm glad you liked the seersucker apron skirt! have a great week.

  12. What lovely goodies you received. I'm so glad you had fun with this swap. Lots of Love Katie xxx

  13. Wow!
    How much loveliness can fit into a jar?
    A lot!!

    Have a nice month! :)

  14. Love your jar of loveliness - just fab! I was spoilt too by my partner - must post about it!

    Take care xx

  15. Wow, I love that jar cover! Lots of lovely goodies inside too. Best wishes, Pj x

  16. It's amazing what comes in jars these days! Lovely stuff! Ada :)

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  20. What a wonderful idea, such a perfect way to spread the love!