Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sunshine and Showers

One minute the sky is full of ominous looking clouds

only to change to GlOrIoUs blue and sunshine!

Bizarre, is all I can say.  But then it wouldn't be England if we couldn't talk about the weather now, would it? :)

I have a rainbow coming along nicely though.  This is my Rainbow Granny Stripe Scarf from my list for a Year of Projects

I am truly loving working with these bright, happy colours and the granny stripe is so quick and easy to work up - perfect for in front of the telly!

I have a couple of snaps from my garden to share too.


Ooh what a lovely pair!

And pretty verbena starting to flower too!  These flowers are so teeny and delicate and a GoRgEoUs shade of lilac!

Thank you all again for your beautiful comments, I LoVe to read them.  I now have 112 followers - I can't quite believe it! :) so a big hello and welcome to you all, it's so wonderful that you're here!



  1. Ooh, nice big plums :) Loving the colours in your Granny Stripe. xx

  2. Lovely granny stripe, the colours are fab.

  3. Greetings from wet wet wet Ireland!

    Your crochet stripe is
    - Beautiful work!

    Weather here rubbish too.
    I went out in a t-shirt and was piddled on and am now like a drowned rat!

    Love your plum and verbena
    neither of which I have in the garden
    but after seeing your pics might try!

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    x Fiona

  4. Weather here in Louisiana is the same.... but very hot!! Loving the stripe work!! I have a plum tree also but never produce plums.. I am not giving it what it needs I guess.. hopefully one day it will!!

  5. Yes, it sure has been a mixed day weather wise..I enjoyed the sunny patches while they lasted :)
    It sounds like your garden is coming along..those plums will be nice. I have hardly any fruit on my pear and apple tree this just hasn't been a good year for my fruit tree's..shame.
    Have a lovely day today x

  6. It has been so up and down here today - one minute gorgeous blue skies the next it turns black and we have enormous thunderstorms.

    Nina x

  7. such crazy weather at the moment - your plums look lush x

  8. Your plums already look so ripe. Mine are still green and small!

    Madelief x

  9. we have a plum trea too ,they are so delicious ,love your granny stripe and thankyou for your lovely comments over on my blog xxxxx

  10. Lovely crochet granny stripe. I love granny patterns.
    I just don't know where I am with the weather this morning at 7am when I left for work in the rain I was all set for a miserable day but by the time I get to school to collect little lady the sun is shinning and I now have the washing on the line drying! What's going on???. Oh well

  11. The weather is crazy at the moment, but you're right, we wouldn't be without it! We like to moan about the weather here whatever it is doing! Congratulations on all your followers! Your blog is doing great! Rachel x

  12. I heard this immense rolling thunder in Eastbourne today and thought someone had had a car crash, next minute the heaven's openedwith an immense down fall followed by sunshine...hhmm bizzare indeed. I refuse to give into any summer time blues and WILL wear cotton skirts, sandals and vests...I really dislike wearing layers by the end of winter so enjoy my summer clothes come what may!
    Loving your granny stripe blanket,I really need to make one of those beauties xox Penelope

  13. Beautiful pictures of the different skies I love nature and all kinds of wheather. Your plums also almost ready to pick, I have a plumtree too.
    I'm going to follow you!

  14. Your granny stripe scarf is so bright and cheery I love it.

  15. Such pretty colors in your granny stripe!

  16. Your granny stripe is looking lovely, I love the colours you're using! The plums and verbena are such lovely shades too. Hope the clouds clear and the sun comes out for you this weekend!
    Helen x

  17. Mad, bad weather.
    Love your pictures.
    M x

  18. Hi, Victoria! Lovely plums and verbena as well :o) Your granny rainbow scarf is beautiful. Love the colours :o)
    Happy and sunny week to you and to your Family

  19. Your plums are doing so well! Ours are falling off slowly but surely : (

    Loving your granny stripe. That's what I'm going to do after my granny sq blanket!

    Gemma xxx

  20. Very cute rainbow stripe, and I love the purple flowers!

  21. i give up with the weather! it doesnt know what its doing half the time!

    Natali xox

  22. Your weather is just like ours!!! Oh how lucky you are to be building a rainbow and a lovely one at that...sending you oodles of sunshine and maybe a plum cake will come out of those lovely plums? xo

  23. This weather certainly is strange at the moment Victoria...One minute I'm sewing in sunshine and the next I need to put the lights on!
    I love your crochet in the pretty rainbow colours...Ah, I live in hope that I will learn one day soon.....
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S Congratulations 113 well deserved!

  24. How brave of you to venture out under those black skies! I just love the pinks and greens in your cushion in your last post - my favourite colour combo. You deserve all your newcomers - it's great to stop by here! xCathy

  25. Your scarf is looking great, you'll need it if this weather keeps up! Love katie x

  26. Loving the colours in the Granny Stripe, really summery. Fresh plums and a pretty blanket sound like a good way to beat the grey weather blues :D

  27. I just thought to hell with it today and have hung the washing on the line. Probably start raining again won't it. Lucky you having plums, ours has none this year. It's a greengage one so they're delicious if we get in before the wasps.


  28. Your granny stripe shawl is really lovely. It cheers you up when the weather outside is not so nice. Love your plums, they are looking delicious!
    Have a happy sunshiny weekend! xxxBarbina

  29. I hope the weather is better for you today!
    Your plums look nice, at first look I thought they were mangoes! Haha!
    Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine! ;)

  30. Beautiful flowers and those plums...oh, what I would give to have some of those growing in my yard!
    This is TOO funny! I too am working on a Granny Stripe table runner in all different colors and YES, it's great for watching t.v. It's so relaxing and yet you don't have to worry about the pattern because after a few rows it's ingrained in your brain! LOL! It is on my list of YOP's too! I think we're related somehow. I like yours better though....I'm not good with colors but yours are just like they meld into one another....gorgeous!