Friday, 20 July 2012

That Friday Feeling

The end of a busy week and the start of a, supposedly, sunny weekend!
The weather has not been great round here for the past few days weeks so some sunshine is much needed!

This week my time has been spent pottering about at home, doing some simple baking, finding time for a little crochet, a spot of reading, nothing too strenuous :)

So first up are Jacquie's lovely flapjacks.

4 ingredients

A bit of therapeutic stirring

Pop in the oven and voila! Simple yet so so tasty!

The flapjacks went down very well with a cup of tea and my latest read.

Also a bit of charity shopping this week.  Found a fab Nigella book for £2

Going to attempt this over the weekend - Apple and Blackberry Kuchen

And this scrummy looking Double Potato and Halloumi Bake (although I will be adding Chorizo to mine as a dinner without meat is not acceptable in my house - according to Hubby!)

And this GoRgEoUs pressed glass fruit bowl - also £2

The sun decided to show her pretty face late this afternoon so I popped out into the garden to see how thing were getting along........

The Rhubarb is flourishing

This is my mint - my it's a speedy grower!!

Buds on the Buddliea

Plums ready for picking!

And LoAdS of buds on the Passionflower!

How have you spent your week?



  1. Your garden is looking lovely. I love simple recipes. That halloumi and potato bake sounds interesting. I'm vegetarian so my family doesn't get meat unless they go out to eat. :) Have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

  2. Yummy flapjacks! Your garden is looking lovely. The passion flower is going to look amazing very soon! xx

  3. Mmm I love flapjacks and yours look delicious. I`m reading that Jenny Colgan book at the moment too.

  4. I like the 'supposedly' comment about the weather! It does make you feel like that....are we ever going to get a summer?!! Andrea x

  5. Apparently we are having a heat wave next week!!! Just some sun would be fab, your graded really looks lush xx

  6. Hi, Victoria! Visiting you here I always feel like I' m visiting an old friend and seating with you at the kitchen with your gorgeous books and seeing how you cooking. Thank you for your sweet post :o) Love your lovely garden as well. Your mint grows so fast, it must be a British sun or may be your love :o)
    Happy weekend to all Family
    Kisses to your Sweetpeas

  7. Nice post! I would love to see pictures of the apple and blueberry kuchen!
    Have a great weekend! ;)

  8. The cover on that book alone would be enough to get me to read it! Let us know what it's like, I must venture to the bottom of the garden to see how my butterfly bush is, I have hardly seen any butterflies this year! Ada :)

  9. Hello, Shari here...I have left you a little something on my blog...if you have a minute...go see!

  10. I do hope the sun starts to shine for us. What lovely looking flapjack x

  11. Wow fab finds in the charity shop!!!

    Happy weekend

    Gemma xxxx

  12. You can't go wrong with Nigella.Have a lovely weekend in the last!! :0)

  13. Hello Victoria...Such a lovely post full of all things good!...Your garden is flourishing beautifully despite this dismal weather...all our plants seem quite happy with it, don't they?
    I love Nigella..this is a great book and such a bargain for £2!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  14. I've got the Nigella bites book, it is good, although I have to confess I don't use it that often, think my Hubby bought it just to drool over her pictures! The sun is out now so your garden will love it! Have a lovely weekend Heather xx

  15. I've just nominated you for a blog award! xxx

  16. I loved seeing your yummy bakes and books...and your garden is growing so well!! Wishing you a sunny Sunday :)
    Helen x

  17. I love blogging! It's like one big giant neighborhood. There are 2 people who I know (from Blogland) that commented here...isn't that fun?
    You covered just about everything I love in this post except there was no yarn or thread but the book looks good! You need to need to read Wild by Cheryl Strayer...true story and I don't want it to end.
    The food...YUMMO! Incidentally, I've been turning my house upside down for my one and only Nigella cookbook and STILL can't find it. That was a great buy you got for that one!
    And your garden is gorgeous and luscious! I have 4 of the 6 rhubarbs left that I planted 2 years ago and now after this heat wave I only have 2 and I have kept them watered but they do not like extreme heat. I can't say as I blame them....neither do I! My mint is doing okay though. It's in the shade. I am loving your blog! Great minds think alike! LOL! TTYL!