Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hexagon LoVe

As promised, I'm back to show you a new WIP.
Whilst perusing blogland and the interweb in general, I've noticed a LOT of hexagon love!
Here are a pick of some of my favourites
lots and lots and lots of crocheted ones
So I decided I needed to be in on the hexie LoVe and my main inspiration is Hazel's lovely, colourful hexagons
 and I've started a rainbow hexagon blanket. 
Simply loving the rainbow colours at the moment!

Once my rainbow granny stripe scarf is complete this will become my new one a day project.
Do you share the hexie love?


  1. Crocheted hexagons! Love them! SuzanneXX PS. Will be in touch soon to see if you can make me more mini buntingXXX

  2. Yes! I'm also into hexies at the moment!
    Rainbow hexagons are also a good idea...

  3. I love hexies too of all descriptions! I've just followed you on Pinterest. Never noticed that huge P on your sidebar before! xx

  4. Lovely stuff! Got to try to finish a few other projects first before I start anything new, but those crochet hexies look gorgeous!

  5. Hi Victoria,I love hexys and now Youve made me want a hexy blanket too!lol...
    what could be lovlier than a rainbow, hexy, crochet blanket....nothing :) Theres just never enough hours in the day to make all these lovlies.I've never noticed your P,thanks laalaa,I'm off to have a look,although I really should move my butt and get some housework done,lol,happy thursday lovely,Xxxx

  6. So cute! love the rainbow :) wish I could crochet :(

    Bee happy x

  7. Love hexies, fabric and yarn... love... love... :) Looking forward to seeing your blanket. x

  8. You know I do....but it's fabric hexies! Look forward to seeing the end result! Ada :)

  9. Yes, I love hexies! Especially the Meme-rose wallhanging. I've just started making one and am really enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing your finished blankie xxx

  10. I do envy you being able to crochet! Have fun creating your blanket!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  11. Good luck with your blanket! The hexagons look good. I am still crocheting granny squares for my plaid :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  12. Love your hexagons. It's going to be so pretty! xx

  13. Hey Victoria!
    A surprise for you:

  14. Lovely Victoria :-)

  15. it! I too keep thinking I need to start one of these. I have been stash building this past week. Bought three bags full of yarn as our taxes are going up as of tomorrow. I needed good amounts of yarn now for 2013 right? Please say Now I might have to see what I have to see if I can start a hexie too.

    Hugs from Holland ~