Monday, 24 September 2012

Vintage Enid and Baby Gifts

Good Morning Lovelies!
Mummy, Daddy and Baby Florence came home last night and I am pleased to report all is hunky dory!
I made a couple of gifts for the new arrival.
Some sweet pink heart bunting to hang in her new room (can be found in my Etsy shop also - made to order in your choice of colours)
and also her name in scrabble pieces on pretty rose paper.
On to other things now.  Last Wednesday, an eagerly awaited eBay win arrived.....................................

I had been searching high and low for these particular stories for a while now and when they came up for auction altogether I couldn't believe my luck.
These were my favourite Enid books from my childhood and I wanted them to read to the Sweetpeas when they get bigger and now I have them, sitting perfectly on my bookshelf in the lounge.
What are your favourite childhood stories?



  1. She is sooo lucky having you as an Aunt! I loved those stories too! Ada :)

  2. Love the bunting and the picture, lucky Florence! ... I didn't read these, my sister did, but I loved the Put-em-Rights, and the Naughtiest Girl in the School ... happy days! xx

  3. Beautiful handmade gifts Victoria. I love your Enid Blyton collection. The Magic Faraway Tree was one of my favourite story books as a child and I can`t wait to read them to my children.

  4. I have tried to send you a comment Victoria already here, as I was excited about this post, so you may get two comments or other may have gone into the ether!
    LoVED these books especially'the Enchanted wood!
    Lucky you...
    Love Maria x

  5. I loved Enid Blyton too. I read the Magic Faraway Tree to my little man a few years ago and he loved it too. They are such timeless books. M x

  6. Wow, such a great win sweetie, Enid was my favourite author, been on the lookout for some old books but they don't come around that often, so envious!! enjoy them :) love your makes too, have a happy week

    Bee happy x

  7. Dear Victoria
    I liked Enid Blyton's 'Book of Brownies' and 'Tales of Long Ago' best. Little Florence is a very lucky girl!
    Best wishes

  8. Welcome to the world, baby Florence. The scrabble picture is a great idea xx

  9. Your gifts are so precious for the new arrival, especially the little bunting, so cute!

    What a great find with the Enid books. I used to love the Mallory Towers series, and Milly Molly Mandy too!

  10. The heart bunting is so sweet and I really like the scrabble picture..what lovely pressies for the new arrival :)

    I have a few of those books as well (the wishing chair ones). I must admit I never read them as a child (never saw them around in Canada)..I only stumbled upon them since moving here to England at a boot sale (I couldn't resist the look of them).

    Have a lovely day today x

  11. Your bunting is so beautiful, I'm sure she'll keep it forever :) I remember reading The Faraway Tree to my daughter, we used to imagine we were walking past it on the way to and from nursery. x

  12. What a great find these children books. I know how it feels when you find something where you have been looking for so long.
    The scrabble pieces name on the rose paper is lovely too.

  13. Loved these stories too Victoria and was very lucky to find some in the summer months at the bootie.
    I love the gifts you ve made for your Darling niece,so glad all doing well,Xxx

  14. Hello Victoria!

    One of my childhood friends was obsessed with Enid Blyton and we had spent one whole summer trying to solve mysteries in our village. We were around 10 or 11.

    I love your crochet heart and your scrabble art!

  15. Ooh, congratulations to your sister and all the family on the new arrival. The bunting is so sweet, perfect for a tiny little miss :D

    I wasn't exposed to much Enid Blyton as a child, I don't think my mother approved! I certainly don't know any of these, though obviously I've heard of them. They look hardly read!

  16. lovely gifts Victoria.
    Awesome books. I loved them when I ws a child too although my favourite book was wind in the willows, I remember my grandad reading it to me over and over again. This is a precious memory for me now since grandad left this whorl at christmas. Its wonderful how these stories bring back so many wonderful childhood memories.

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  18. Few words to tell you how much I love Enid Blyton books. Nothing better than old books. Swoon.

    I have been trying to get kids from my school to read Enid Blyton books and they think I am mad.

    Love the Magic Faraway Tree. Will always be my fave.

  19. I have some of those books - I loved them as a child. Very pretty baby gifts, the hearts are so sweet! Pj x