Sunday, 2 September 2012

Catching Up.....

Phew! Another busy week! Hope you are all well?
Not managed much crochet this week but did manage a couple of crafty things.

In a spare half hour I fashioned a vase and a votive holder out of a some tin cans and some pretty washi tape.

Also pimped up some canvas shoes with some fabric paint.
On the 5th September my sweet baby boy celebrates his 1st birthday! Where has the time gone?
2 weeks old
 On Saturday we had a little family party for Bert..............
On his new police car

Playing with his new rocket with little miss
(Little mister has also just started walking so he got new shoes for his birthday too from Grandma and Grandad)

Such fun!

Bear cuddles with Winnie

Ooh more pressies!!

Yummy homemade cake (by yours truly)

And sparkly chocolate and strawberry pavlova
We all had an absolutely fabulous day and the sun shone which was an added bonus!


  1. Love the candle holders. Albert looked like he enjoyed himself. lily has decided she liked the look of his birthday cake and says she would like one similar for her birthday in two weeks. thanks for the inspiration. x Melanie

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy.

    Fiona x

  3. Happy birthday to Albert! Love the vase and votive holder, just playing with some washi tape myself and can feel an obsession coming on! x

  4. What a cute little boy you have!
    Congratulations on his first birthday!

  5. Lovely post. You've been busy :)


  6. I love the washi tape makes - and you have made me feel all nostalgic - my babies are very grown up now!

    Pomona x

  7. Looks like he had a very happy birthday!!

  8. lovely conversion of the cans, they are so cute. Happy birthday lil fella. 1 year old! my meggy turned 5 in July and I can't believe it.

  9. He looks adorable! Happy birthday Big Boy! Ada :)

  10. Those cans look so pretty with the makeover, I am going to have to save a few of mine to try this out :)
    A Big Happy Birthday to your super cute little boy! It looks like he had a very fun Birthday party..the cake and pavlova look delish.
    Thanks so much for the crochet recommendations in your comment to me..I will check those out :)
    Magie x

  11. Happy first birthday to your lovely boy Victoria...he does look so happy in your pics...really adorable!
    Love your makes too...very creative as always!
    Susan x