Thursday, 25 October 2012

Seasonal Delights........

Good Morning my Lovelies, hope you are all well.  Hello and welcome to my new followers, I'm so pleased you've stopped by.
So, the last couple of days I've been pottering about at home completing a few seasonal bits and bobs. What with both the Little Sweetpeas feeling poorly and the weather here simply awful this seemed the perfect time.
So first up, I've finished a couple more spooky cobwebs and they are now blocking.
Whilst wandering around the new local shop I spotted these fun paper decorations along with some plastic bats and spiders.  I shall be putting up my little display at the weekend.
Remember the macerating fruits? 

Well they have now become a very fine Christmas cake.  Let me know if you would like the recipe, I have made this cake every year since I left home in 2005 and it's turned out fabulous every time!
Another hooky make is a poppy for Armistice Day.  After seeing a couple on various blogs I was inspired to whip up my own. 
I will of course still be donating but I now have a poppy to wear year after year.  The lovely pattern can be found for free here if you want to have a go too.
And finally a bit more baking in the form of white chocolate and cranberry flapjacks, for my sister who is popping round later with my gorgeous niece.  Mmm, yumm!



  1. You're just teasing me with more cobewbs! XX

  2. Mmmm the cake looks delicious! Could you e-mail me the recipe? (thank you!!)

    I love the cobwebs and the little poppy.

    Have a great Thursday!

    p.s: no Halloween in Greece... :(

  3. Oh Lovely poppies will have a go!
    Thank you for link..
    Daisy x

  4. Your baking looks delicious!

  5. Hi Victoria,I LOVE the cobwebs and the paper decortions. I'd love the recipie for Your Christmas cake :) Mum makes one every year,but I'd love to have a go.
    The flapjacks looks so yummy,lucky sis.Xxxx

  6. The cobwebs are brilliant and I bet they look really effective hung in the corner of windows... and I am going to send the poppy pattern to my cousin to crochet me one or several. I have a red cardigan screaming out for some poppys xx

  7. Those spooky cobwebs are fab! Are you going to do spiders for them? Ada :)

  8. Love the brooch Victoria. The flapjacks look really tempting XX

  9. Hi Victoria,

    Your brooch looks lovely! Your Christmas cake delicious.

    Hope your sweet peas are feeling better.

    Madelief x

  10. I do love your poppy brooch Victoria.
    the cake looks delish too!
    I bet your home will look so atmospheric for the coming celebrations of Halloween.
    Love Maria x

  11. I was just pootling around my blog, following links, somehow I came to your blog ... and to my total surprise I saw my spiders web pattern in use - yay!!! - you seriously made my day, I'm so supa dupa happy that someone has found the pattern and used it (especially as it took and age to draw up!!) - I have a huge grin on my face!!!
    Emma xx

  12. I so love your blog! It's cheery and has a bit of everything I love....good, books, yarn creations, Halloween etc. You're a bright light at the end of the day!
    I now want to make some "webs" too! And the Christmas cake and the poppie've inspired me...for tomorrow! I'm tuckered tonight! LOL! Thank you!

  13. That cake looks just perfect Victoria! I would love to see the recipe please. I still use the one I was given by my school cookery teacher many moons ago. It's nice but has some unusual ingredients and a very particular flavour and I'd quite like something different this year.

    If I could crochet I'd make a poppy too, what a marvellous idea :)

  14. Oh what lovely baking ... I need to start my christmas puddings soon ... it'a an old recipe my granny used to make and I like to keep the tradition alive ... your crocheting is very sweet ... Bee xx

  15. Love your poppy brooch and the spooky cobwebs! The baking looks very yummy indeed!
    I hope the sweetpeas are feeling better and you all have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  16. You have been very creative my the kitchen and in the craft room...I am get cozy as that November is just a few days away. xoxo HUGS

  17. Will you post the recipe for your Christmas cake Victoria.
    It looks deish!

    Love your poppies and your cobwebs
    (I have real ones here that need
    seeing too)!!!

    When going through your posts I was sorry to read that your Grandad died,
    may he r.i.p.
    Take care.

    x Fiona

    ps hope your littlies and your new niece are all well.

  18. So many different seasonal things happening. We had those paper halloween thingies last year and they looked lovely. Will be decorating and making on Monday. Lovely to have another wee thing to celebrate isn't it.


  19. You have been busy. I love that poppy, very cute.

  20. cute cobwebs :)I havent decorated this yearwhich i am a bit sad about, but i'm going away for a few days today so it dosent really seem worth it!

  21. Hello, happy to find you via the lovely Penelope by the Sea at L is for love. Thank you visiting Planet Penny x

  22. Your cobwebs and poppy look fab - and I bet your Christmas cake will taste as great as it looks too.

    Hope your little ones are all better now xx

  23. Hi Victoria,
    Love your spooky cobwebs and the poppy is lovely...You are so wonderfully organised with your Christmas cake all done and the flapjacks look delicious too!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x