Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Brights and A Bit of Plant Love!

I'm trying to brighten up this dull and dreary Friday that we are having here in the South East of Blighty!

So these are the things that are making me happy today!

 Pretty summer florals!

Bright Button Love

My Sweet Williams from last Thursday still going strong!

My new toy! (Sssh! Don't tell hubby!)

A lovely cuppa, some squidgy malt loaf and Mollie Makes!

And YoU!  Thank you all so much for the super lovely comments you leave me! I am so very touched!

Right, now onto my plant LoVe!!

 This is my 3rd attempt at trying to grow this stunning flower.  The other two were munched up by slugs and snails - Grrr!  So I thought I would buy a BiGgEr! plant and it might stand more of a chance!

It arrived this morning but it is so so windy out I'm keeping it in the safety of my kitchen!
And it is absolutely covered in buds! To say I'm excited is an understatement!!

You know I will be back when these open!! I Can't wait!!
What is brightening your day?



  1. Hiya Victoria,
    I have a day off(raining though)soo am catching up with you...
    I have the little sewing machine, it's great for running things up...
    Thanks for your kind comment,I will add your name to my cloche hat at the relevent time!
    Take Care,
    Maria x

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog lately! I know what you mean, it's been so dreadful around here hasn't it? Yuk.

    S x

  3. Love buttons, and will be dispatching hubby to get the latest Mollie Makes so I can feel all cosy inside while the rain batters about outside x

  4. Love the blue pots they are nice and cheerful.
    I also love the Passiflora it is such a stunning bloom. A house near where I live has one and it covers their fence in the Summer.

  5. What is it about a big bunch of brightly coloured buttons that just makes me smile! :)

  6. Hey Victoria, great minds! It's pretty grim over here in West Norfolk, the garden is blown to blazes and it's flippin' COLD!
    Lovely bright photo's to cheer me up. I too love the passiflora, but I am content to keep mine to my Portmeirion plate, as i am no gardener and I kill off housplants every time.

  7. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for brightening my day! Love Katie xx

  8. That plant is going to be a stunner! The wind has battered all the petunia's and viola's I just put in my pots...GRrrr!
    Love your colourful post.Have a happy weekend! :0)

  9. Shopping with my mum has brightened my day today! BUT the weather here is awful. The heating has automatically turned itself on as it's so cold! So tucked up on the sofa with a blanket drinking milky coffee at the moment.
    I love your new plant and will keep my fingers crossed that the slugs and snails stay away x

  10. Hello Victoria! Oh, I do love your blog, and I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! Like you, I also love Sweet Williams, and have a gorgeous bunch on the dining table that a friend gave me. Your blog is just gorgeous! I look forward to following at, and seeing all you get up to! Blessings, Tania ♥

  11. I stumbled upon one of those mini sewing machines at a yard sale last year. Love your blog!

  12. Love your pictures, Victoria :o) I found seeing all your lovely things very uplifting, your rainy garden looks very pretty too. Sweet Williams are so bright and cute flowers. Love`em too. And what a cute button`s collection you`ve got there! Thanks for sharing :o)
    Have a warm and sunny weekend