Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Snippets

It's been a bit of a nothing day today. Do you know what I mean?
One of those days that just sort of happens with not much happening in it. The weather has been pretty awful again today - very chilly, so much so that we had to pop the heating on!

I've been fiddling about with an up coming project, which I will share with you all at the beginning of July :) but I can tell you it involved making some pretty bunting......

And here's a sneaky peek into my bag for this project :)

It's all VERY exciting!

I snapped this pretty little snail in my garden earlier but then he was popped over the fence before he munched his way through my plants, sorry Mr Snail!

Reminds me of a 'humbug' sweetie!

It's Fathers Day here in the UK tomorrow. A day when we say a special thank you to our amazing Dads.

Here is my lovely Daddy with my lovely boy (hope he doesn't mind me posting this)
Thank you Dad for giving me the finer things in life!
Your Time....
Your Care....
Your Love....
Your Money!
Love you lots Dad!

Also been wrapping gifts for the Little Sweetpeas daddy.

Thank you for being their wonderful Daddy!

And lastly I had a fabulous package arrive this morning from the super lovely Julie.

Now you may find me a little odd for this (Julie called it nostalgia) but I had searched high and low for one of these bottles of jubilee Fairy Liquid when Julie messaged me to say she had picked one up for me during her shop and was going to pop it in the post, so sweet and thoughtful!
I'm so thrilled with it! Thank you so much Julie!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend my lovlies!



  1. Congrats on your award, Victoria! Love your paper hearts for the bunting. Mr. Snail looks pretty, but not on the plants :o) Have a nice Dad`s Day with your Family.
    Waiting for July ;o)

  2. Isn't it awful that the heating has to go on in June! Hope you've all enjoyed your father's day celebrations. :0)

  3. Ooh your bunting looks exciting!

    Hope you had a fab Father's Day!


  4. I am totally jealous of the union jack quilt in your bag! Can't wait to see if you do something with that!

  5. While stalking your blog and reading through your posts I found this lovely post & find myself smiling. What a wonderful post :-)