Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Wander around Waverley

As the weather has been lovely round these parts for the last few days (maybe a tad humid) we took the opportunity to take a wander around our beloved Waverley Abbey.  Such a favourite spot for us.

The scenery has changed quite a bit here in the last few weeks.  A lot of the area has been allowed to grow wild and there are many gorgeous wildflowers and grasses growing.

Happy daisies

Such beautiful old stone walls

Bright buttercups

Cow Parsley in abundance!

This is all that's left of the main part of the Abbey and it dates back to 1128.

I LoVe to think of all the people that have walk on this amazing site.

Beautiful blue skies

Through a window...........

These have got to be the BiGgEsT dandilion clocks I have ever seen!

Little Miss making a wish!

Little Mister having a good look before trying to pop it in his mouth!

Fabulous stone!

Amazing Yew Tree roots.

And after our lovely walk the children were bushed and had a lovely long sleep so I managed to have a play with some yarn.

Pretty daisy brooch.

And little hanging hearts - these are seriously addictive as the are soooooo quick to make!
You can find the pattern over at the lovely Blooming Times

I hope the sun has shone for you!



  1. I love the pictures of the lil miss and mister, so gorgeous. The Yew tree roots are amazing, and glad you managed some crochet time (loving the daisy and hearts). x

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Isn't nature amazing? The yew tree picture is fab!
    We have an Abbey very much like yours here too..
    Lovely piccies of your little sweet peas....
    Maria x

  3. Lovely images and your children are adorable! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. What a lovely looking place to go for a stroll. Such adorable photo's of your little miss and sweet :)
    I like the daisy brooch, just perfect for this time of year.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend..
    Magie x

  5. What a lovely place to take a stroll!
    That crochet daisy would look gorgeous on a hair clip and I adore those little crochet hearts.

    ps: am slightly in love with Little Miss's polka dot number! Wonder if I can get one in my size? ;-)

  6. Lovely pictures. The humid weather isn`t nice is it.

  7. What a beautiful place, looks all mystical and magical!

    Cute daisy and hearts - wish I could crochet, they look fab!


  8. What pretty bunch of pictures. I love those little crochet hearts. xx

  9. Hi, Victoria! What a gorgeous ruins! Lovely crochet hearts and daisy flower :o)
    Kisses to your sweet kids

  10. What a beautiful spot, it looks like something out of a fairy tale! And your children are so precious.
    xo Julie