Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunny Sunday

We have been treated to more sunny skies today (do you think summer is really here?)

And the garden is starting to look really lovely and the pots are filling out!

We have an abundance of stunning deep red Pinks.  Their smell is heavenly and I just LoVe their teeny snipped edges - hence the name Pinks, after pinking shears!

So, it's Sunday and here are my pages of reasons to be cheerful!

Really loving jotting little snippets down in my little notebook! Plus a bit of doodling is always fun :)

Been having some wonderful hooky time this weekend, and I'm enjoying watching my cushion cover grow, although I love the colour combo sooooooo much I might turn it into a snugly blanket! Decisions decisions! What do you think?

Wanted to leave you with this sweet shot of the sun shining on my latest bargain find.  The most AdOrAbLe cottage butter dish.  Only 99p on Ebay!

Thank you too for all of your wonderfully kind comments on my lampshade. Ordered some more glue today so hopefully lamp number 2 will be complete by the end of the week.



  1. This is so weird but I was just thinking the other day abour my Nana and Grandads house and on their kitchen dresser they had the tea set that matches your butter dish. What a great find!
    Lovely crochet and blue pots.

  2. I am glad to hear the sun was shining for you :)
    I have a butter dish that is close to yours..just different colours, that I picked up at the start of the year at a boot sale (it lives with my teacups on my china shelf...butter free though :P).
    I like your idea of writing down reasons to be cheerful..super cute doodles as well :)
    Enjoy the last of the weekend!
    Magie x

  3. oh my I have the biscuit barrel that matched your butter dish. My nana gave it to me a few years ago and I remember it from her house as a child i thought it was the borrowers house! lol

  4. you got sun! we went to an airshow for the weekend and it hammered down and blew a gale! poor people with gazebos for their stalls just gave up!

  5. I am loving the colours of your squares, will make a really pretty cushion or will you decide??

  6. i love your reasons to be cheerful jottings...such a lovely idea x
    we have actually had some sunshine here today too!
    have a great new week
    love jooles x

  7. oh you lucky thing! I sat outside for a whole 10 minutes before the bullets of rain thundered down again here!!

    BH x

  8. That's definitely the sweetest butter dish I've ever seen :)
    I had work today but I was allowed to go home early as it was so quiet at the restaurant :D
    Sue x

  9. We've had a sunny day today as well, managed to dry lots of washing outside. I love the colours you've chosen, looking forward to seeing what you do :)
    My old nan had a butter dish just the same, wow that was a blast from the past, feeling all nostalgic now. xx

  10. wahooooo! loving it! The butter dish is amazing!

    Thanks for the reasons to be cheerful!

    Kate xxx

  11. Love the colour combinations you have chosen for the crochet :) I think it would make a gorgeous cushion?

    The butter dish is cute. We have a duck one that my hubby got me off ebay (I love ebay!) and it makes me smile every time I take it out of the fridge :) xxx

  12. Glad you had some sunshine! It rained so much here, it was pouring in the back door like a river. Damn rain. I love your jottings! So glad your excited about the swap! Your a sweetheart. Love Katie xx

  13. Get Out of Town! 99 cents on eBay? That's an amazing find!

  14. Love your "reasons to be cheerful" and your cottage butter dish. Your squares are lovely too. :)

  15. Wow first of all your lampshade in your last post is stunning i love it and green ruffle its a brilliant idea and looks amazing. No I don't think summer is here yet but i am praying. Your pots look lovely and i really like your reasons to be cheerful ;-) dee xx

  16. Isn't it nice to jot down our thoughts and happenings? I love journals, and it sounds like you are very grateful by writing down your reasons to be cheerful. Good for you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  17. Yours is the second blog I've visited today featuring these lovely cheerful lists. And with the bonus of blue skies and that butter dish! A happy post :D

  18. Your garden looks so lovely, Victoria! And your squares as well :o) Glad you had such a beautiful and sunny weather :o) Here again cold and windy, and no blue skies :o( Yesterday I made a party for daughter friends and today have some rest :o) I hope so XD
    Have a lovely week, dear friend

  19. Love that butter dish,Victoria,what a bargain,My Gran had one just the same.Your crochets looking fab!And the garden :) have a great week,xxx