Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...........................

Oh dear the weather is absolutely atrocious here today! It looks more like mid winter out there rather than 'flaming' June. The garden is looking very sad and wet :(  How is it in your patch?

To cheer ourselves up I took the children to visit their Grandma at work.  My mum has just started working in a new antiques shop not far from us and I wanted to go and have a little nose around. We also met up with my sister.

There was lots of lovely bunting up!

Little Miss with her Auntie Bee
 Another reason for the trip was to pick up these.................

I collect these lovely old bevelled mirrors and have them going up my staircase.  They are not always easy to come by so when Mum mentioned them I jumped at the chance to bring them home!

Love this kidney shape!

Gorgeous claw holding the mirror in place!
 These are the ones I have on my stairs at the moment, please forgive the poor pictures but it's not the easiest place to photograph :)

This is one of my favourites - I love the scalloped shape!

And this pretty Barbola mirror, picked up for the bargain price of £4.

Such sweet little flowers!

Righto, off to make the dinner now, hoping for some sunshine tomorrow as I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some more plants for the garden!



  1. Weather update in the north: rain, rain, more rain, oh and cold too! Love your mirror display, I have 5 on my bathroom wall but need a couple more. How do yours not have little fingerprints on them, they look lovely and shiny, have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

  2. The weather here is the same as yours. I totally agree it does feel more like winter then June. I do hope the sun will start to peak out soon.
    I love your mirrors..I have a small collection of bevelled mirrors as well (I just adore the look of them). The barbola mirror is just lovely, great price as well!
    Magie x

  3. Oh isn't this rain just awful? Thank you i'm a bit of an obsessive when it comes to cleaning :) plus they go up the staircase so the littles don't really get access :)
    Victoria xx

  4. Lots of rain up North! Your mirrors look great. I bet your Mum has loads of fun working in an antiques shop.

  5. The weather here in Hants are just atrocious!! I am feeling for my poor peonies that just have bloomed.
    Love the mirrors. I am in need of a good size one for my bedroom. xx

  6. I love your wall of mirrors. Rain here in lincolnshire

  7. What a wet and dreary day! Loving the mirrors, they look so pretty on the stairs x

  8. Those mirrors are gorgeous,and the barbola one was a real bargain! Love how you have displayed them too.
    The rain has battered all my petunias.

  9. Hi VIctoria
    Im so in love with mirror that has flowers, how quirky! And as for your mum working in an antique shop, WOW! I would love to have a job like that :)
    Shame about the weather (AGAIN) your childrens toys look so sad :( Hope they have'nt been too bored?? Its been awful here in Worcester and when you dont drive its even worse!
    Hope it gets better for the w/end!
    Suz xx
    P.S I left you a lill message on my blog

  10. The weather here is terrible! Where has Summer gone?

    Love your mirrors, they look fab all together.


  11. Hi, Victoria! What a gorgeous collection of mirrors you`ve got there! Love`em all! Kisses to Sweet Miss :o)
    We have the same weather here in Moscow, but it`s warm and I`m happy of it :o) I wish you have a sunny and warm weather.

  12. Love your mirror collection,especially the flower one.How lovely your mums going to be working in an antiques shop,hope she finds you lots of goodies :) xxx