Saturday, 23 June 2012

Project Lampshade Ta-Dah!

Hello Ladies, hope you are all well?
I am just slightly, a little bit excited!  I have a little lampshade makeover ta-dah to show you!

Do you remember this GoRgEoUs, bargain ribbon? Of course you do!

Well after seeing this ruffle lampshade in my Sewing in No Time book,

I knew that the ribbon would be perfect for this speedy little project!

So, take one lovely, but a tad boring lampshade.......

And after a bit of stitching and pulling and ruffling and gluing..................

Ta Dah!

One pretty ruffled lampshade!  I'm quite impressed actually, doesn't look half bad :)

Here it is in it's home on the windowsill.  I have another one to finish, but would you believe it, I ran out of glue, doh!

Continuing with the crafty theme, also been sewing in some ends of my one a day crochet cushion cover.  LoVe the little pile of ends, like a pretty birds nest :)

I have completed a few squares, but have a confession - don't know if it classes as cheating but I had a bit of unexpected time to myself earlier (BOTH sweetpeas were asleep at the same time!!) so I whipped up a couple of squares. So now up to 6 all joined and ends sewn in with another 6 half complete.

Thank you for sharing your food loves with me on my previous post, I share some of your loves too :)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



  1. O my gosh that looks amazing! I absolutely love it. Now making a note to buy ribbon to customize plain lampshades from Dunelm for our bedroom cabinets!
    Fab work hun!

  2. Nicely done! Looks like a totally different lamp now!

  3. Oh my wow..the lamp is lovely! It looks so professional!

    Lexie []

  4. That's lovely! Will have to find another lampshade to work on now, xxx

  5. That's stunning! It's amazing what a little bit of ribbon can do :)
    Sue x

  6. Oh how pretty, you're so clever, I love it x

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely sweet comments!
    Victoria xx

  8. It looks wonderful Victoria! Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  9. The lamp is darling! I love unusual accessory lamps and this one doesn't look too difficult to transform. Thanks for the idea and photos.

  10. Oh I love the lamp! we are doing up the spare room at the moment - and i would like to do this!

    One for each side of the bed!


  11. I LOVE your lamp makeover! :0)

  12. I like your happy blog! Your lamp shade is very cute.
    I'd like to see those squares!

  13. your lampshade looks lush, well done. Well done on your one a day, I've not managed one a day so far, the back end of my week and weekend have been sooooo busy i just not had time. Im super impressed you have sewn all the ends in and sewn the blocks together! thats proper organised.

  14. My oh my, I love this! How do you get the ribbon to ruffle? I have a plain old lampshade I'd love to jazz up. Have a sweet day, Im really enjoying catching up on your posts! xxx

    1. Just a line of running stitch down the centre of the ribbon. Knot in one end then pull the cotton at the other end to create the ruffle the secure with another knot.
      Victoria xx

  15. Love it! Looks absolutely great! You so creative, Victoria! Well done to you :o)
    Have a sweet week

  16. Wowzer,love the lampshade,amazing job!xxx