Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Happy May to you all! And hello to any new readers out there.  I can't believe we are into May already - where does time go?

A couple of weeks back I bought a pair of miniature brass candlesticks on Ebay (at 99p who could resist!) with the intention of spray painting them after being inspired by these - gorgeous, I know! But I had not realised the cost of spray paint - and at a little over £12 for two cans I could not justify the expense. 

Then I remembered I had some beautiful decopatch papers and glue in the cupboard from a previous project and wondered whether it would work on metal - and the answer is yes! It worked wonderfully well!

Here is what the candlesticks looked like before their makeover - pretty but brass is not my thing

and here they are in all their pink beautifulness!

(sorry about the quality - taken on my phone due to a poorly camera, time for a new one)

They have turned out better than I thought they would and probably better than if I had painted them - so will now be on the lookout for more to add to the collection.

For those of you who have not come across decopatch all it is is gorgeous specialist tissue papers which you tear into small pieces and glue on with decopatch glossy glue.  Really fun and easy to do and it works on most thing from wood to plastic to metal.

I will leave you with so stunning red roses that I bought my mum to say thank you for the bookcase.  They were such an amazing red colour (mums favourite!)


Enjoy the end of your week!



  1. They look clever of you!
    I can recommend those little pots of acrylic enamel paint(you can find them in Homebase or any hardware store)I've used it on lots of things like my tiles in the bathroom and china bits and bobs.It's good for plastic,metal wood and glass and a small pot goes a long way and covers really well.I think a pot costs around £2,and there are lots of colours to choose from.
    I bet your Mum was thrilled with the flowers!

    1. Oh thank you! Will look out for those pots - a much more sensible price! But not sure my painting skills are that good :) lots of drips I suspect! Yes mum loved the flowers :)
      Victoria xx

  2. Never heard of Decopatch but would love to try it. Your candlesticks look great and good to know that it works on metal!