Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Where Are We Going?

I'm sure most of you with children have heard these words, well at the moment this is Little Miss' FaVoUrItE phrase.  Every morning upon coming downstairs (usually around 6am!) she asks 'where we going mummy?' usually followed by 'going out soon?'

Now with all the gorgeous weather we've been having, a lot of time has been spent in the back garden but Little Miss is getting a bit bored of this, so today we decided to go for a walk.

After popping into the post office and then the bakery we headed in the direction of the Wood.  I have a confession to make now - we have lived here for 6 years and we have NEVER visited this wood - how shameful! I knew it was there, they even put up signs for it about a year or so ago but we still haven't ventured that way but that was all about to change this morning!

What a delightful place for a stroll!

I feel sooooo terrible now for not discovering it sooner! I think the council have invested some time in this little wooded patch as there are fruit trees growing and beautiful willow fences and benches scattered here are the so one can stop and take it all in.

Cow parsley is growing here in abundance - I do love it's teeny weeny pretty white flowers.

I fancied taking a few arty shots after being inspired by Jacquies' cow parsley photo. What do you think?

 Gorgeous yellow buttercups

Not sure what this is but very pretty!

Who knew Clover could look so beautiful?

 Also captured this stunning buddleia growing wild by the road on the walk home.

I was hoping to snap some nature but everything was too busy flying here, there and everywhere :) This beautiful place is certainly a discovery!
Are there any hidden gems on your doorstep?


  1. I love woods and the council look as if they have been busy sprucing the place up - good for them! Lovely photos!

  2. wow...what a gorgeous place, you won't be able to keep away now!
    love jooles x

  3. What a pretty place to have found right on your doorstep! It will be wonderful to visit it through the seasons and see nature evolving. Your photos are lovely...cow parsley is rather an arty looking plant isn't it, good for all kinds of shots and designs!
    Helen x

  4. I know, I can't believe what we've been missing out on all this time, can't wait to go back for another amble! I'm sure it will be gorgeous to track through the seasons.
    Victoria xx

  5. Hello,
    It,s lovely to discover special places to visit...
    Felt I had a walk out with you too....
    Maria x

  6. What a discovery! I love walking in woods.Yours looks a very special..and peaceful...place,and lovely to have it right on your doorstep! Great pics! :0)

  7. I love a woodland wander, it's gorgeous seeing all the wild-flowers at the moment. We have a country park nearby, we took a net and did some pond-dipping at the weekend - caught a few weeny fish and some unidentified wiggly things!

  8. Beautiful! That's a very familiar phrase in our house! We have a wood just very close to where we live and it is a lovely place to wander. Always lots of interesting things to see. My boys love it.

  9. What a lovely place to visit. We are constantly discovering new places on our doorstep ... one of the things I love about living in the country. Fab your photos. M x

  10. This is just beautiful.. thanks for inviting us on your walk!!
    Shari :)

  11. Thanks for popping by and leaving me a lovely comment :)

    S x

  12. what a stunning walk. Its times like this you can't beat the british country side! xxx

  13. Thanks for taking us on your lovely walk,I'm sure you will visit the woods again ,love all the wild flowers~so beautiful.Happy bank holiday,lovely.xoxox

  14. Such a lovely place right on your doorstep..it really is magical and I am in love with the willow fence as well as the pretty flowers... It is true that we all travel far and wide and some of the prettiest places are right on our doorstep, aren't they?
    Hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend,
    Fingers crossed for some sunshine!
    Susan x