Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunshine, Ta-Dah and a new WIP

Whoop-whoop, do the dance of joy! We have had 3 WHOLE days of gorgeous sunshine! It has been a tad breezy but glorious to have the sun!

We went to feed the ducks today at a little pond near Esher - Little Miss thought them very greedy as the all came waddling out of the water as we approached :)

I hope the sun has shone on your little patch too!
My giant granny square blanket is now complete. I started at the end of February and finished on Friday. I don't think that's bad going for my FIRST big project, especially as I have to grab moments inbetween childcare, cleaning and cooking :) it is just a basic granny square - there are so so many patterns out there I'm sure you don't need a tutorial.

I used Stylecraft Bonus DK in white for this blanket and used a 4mm hook as I wanted the stitches fairly tight but still to have a drapey quality. 

I wanted a simple yet pretty edge for this blanket and I found Jacquie's double V edging perfect! So here it is in all it's gorgeous granny gloriousness :)

I'm still undecided as to whether to give it to my sister before baby comes for here to take to hospital or to wait until the arrival - what do you think?


I have also started on a new crochet project. I am loving nautical stripes at the moment and as I have copious amounts of white wool left (over estimated how much I would need for my granny - oops!) I wanted to make some striped wrist warmers and a matching scarf/cowl/snood.

I'm loving the granny pattern at the minute too so I'm using Lucy's granny stripe pattern for both items. May add a little red flower embelishment to them too :)

Ok, I think I've waffled on long enough tonight but i'll be back tomorrow with some of my weekend baking : cookies and cheesecake :) so until then............



  1. Lovely post. The blanket is wonderful and I'm sure your sister will treasure it. I'm in favour of giving it before the baby arrives - I think it will be lovely for those first baby photos. I love the nautical stripes look.
    MMMM cheesecake - look forward to seeing your next post xx

  2. Baby Blanket is lovely, a future family heirloom to be treasured and passed down. Weather terrible here, please send me some sunshine! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  3. Hi,thankyou for your lovely comments over on my blog,im now a follower of yours ,loving your crochet blanket ,i love white too so it is lovely xx

  4. Your blanket is lovely. I think it is very effective just being white. The granny stripes are looking great to! I have just seen that we started our blogs at almost the same time! Pleased to have found your blog. Rachel x