Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Super Stripey Ta-Dah!

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend?  It's pretty grey here but for the first time in a while it's actually not cold!

So, here they are my stripey granny wrist warmers! Ta-Dah!

Sorry, my hands are awful at the moment (I blame the Milton!)

Stripes on Dots!

These wrist warmers are a bit of an Attic24 fest! The main part of the warmer is this, the gorgeous granny stripe.  The sweet edging is this and the gorgeous flowers are the May Roses.

I'm really pleased with how they have turned out and they were really quick to make - less than a week - probably quicker without little sweetpeas :) I used Stylecraft Bonus DK again in white, navy and red and a 4mm hook.

The only thing is they are quite 'chunky', which is perfect for really chilly days but I'd like a more light-weight pair so I'm having a go with just trebles in rows for a less bulky wrist warmer. Here is progress so far..........

Also working on a scarf/snood type thing to match my granny stripe mitts. 

Hello to new followers, I'm now past 30 - I can't quite believe it really (I know it's not in the league of some bloggers but to me it's really touching to know people are taking time to read my ramblings!) I'm feeling a little giveaway coming on - I'm thinking once I hit 50!  I will keep you updated :)

Until next time...................



  1. Hello Victoria,

    Very striking and I love the blood red rose....a scarf in the same would certainly make a smart set!!

    Amanda :-)

  2. They look bright and cosy!
    We were actually able to sit out in the garden for a cup of tea yesterday.
    Next week it's warming up.....yay! :0)

  3. Hiya Victoria! you are soo clever , I can,t knitt for toffee!! Have a happy sunday...Maria x

  4. too lovely Victoria.
    looking forward to your to check I follow you!
    fee x