Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Weekend Baking (on Tuesday)

Happy Tuesday Lovelies,

Sorry I didn't get round to this post yeasterday - too many things to do and too little time to do them in :)

We work to glorious skies again yesterday morning.  This was taken at 6.15am (the little Sweetpeas are enjoying getting up at 5.15 at the moment!) but then sadly it all turned very grey and damp and we didn't see the sun again until about 6.30pm. 

Today is just as wet and miserable as yesterday!

So.............................back to the baking.  I saw this recipe here for Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies and as I had some bananas spare and all the other ingredients in the cupboard, love the name of the cookies and the fact they only have 47 calories per cookie, I thought I'd give them a try.

They were delicious warm from the oven but not so great when cold - the bananas made them a tad 'mushy'.

Then when I did my weekly shop on Friday i noticed that the Cocolate Philidelphia was on offer (81p a tub) and as I'd never tried it before I decided to use it to make a cheesecake.

It went down very well after dinner on Sunday.  I used 2 tubs of the chocolate philly with a 200g tub of creme fraiche (you could use whipped cream or mascapone would be nice) and a small bit of gelatine diluted in some water to set it slightly.  For the base I used 250g of chocolate chip cookies with some melted butter to bind.

I was very suprised with the philly - when I first saw it advertised I thought I would taste rather odd but it's very creamy and could be used in lots of recipes.

So that was my weekend baking.  There has been a request here (by Daddy Sweetpea) for more Raisin Oat cookies for that is one of my tasks for today. Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you are up to!

Just wanted to say a BIG hello to new followers, it's lovely to have you here and a BIG thank you for all your lovely comments - especially on my last post about my Granny Blanket.  Ooh and I have one wrist warmer made so on to number two now :)



  1. Will definitely try the philly recipe, have an ap on my ipad which is brilliant, you can say what you have in your fridge and they give you a recipe! Looks delicious! Have a lovely Tuesday, Claire xxx

    1. Ooh what app is that - sounds great!
      Victoria xx

  2. Your cheesecake looks delicious! Never heard of chocolate philly but it does sound very useful for recipes like this! Enjoy your baking and crafting and have a happy week.
    Helen x

  3. Hello there! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and following! It is so nice to "meet" new bloggers. Especially ones who love to bake delicious treats and share recipes! I hope the sun shines a little longer for you this week... I'm off to have a nosey around your blog! Hazel x

  4. Lots of lovely baking going on here!
    Do you know i still can't make my mind up on choc philly...may have to keep buying it until i decide ;o)
    love jooles x

  5. can't believe it's taken me so long to come over here and say a proper hello!
    Thank you for your lovely comments over at mine! I'm a fan of chocolate philly too (chocolate + cheese...what's not to like!)
    fee x
    (and i see we share some blogging pals)