Thursday, 10 May 2012

A WIP Update

Hello Peeps,
Just enjoying the last of my Raisin Oat Cookies - they have kept surprisingly well and still taste like they were just baked!

Hope you are all well on this lovely soggy Thursday.  It's been pretty miserable here weather wise but then that's no surprise to anyone is it?

The weather man said there is some glimmer of sunshine tomorrow and Saturday so I got my fingers and toes crossed.  My new camera arrived today - Yay! and I'm itching to use it for some spring outdoorsy shots!


As the title says this is a little update on my giant Granny Square baby blanket for my lovely sister.  Well it's almost finished, I'm just working the edging then a few ends to so in and then there will be a little Ta-Dah!  Can't wait! And I've already got my next project lined up!

Yesterday I partook in a little more Decopatch..........

 Some more brass candlesticks decorated with these beautiful papers - really pleased with how they are turing out.  All I need to do now is go on the hunt for some pretty candles :)

Righto, off now to complete my edging, have a lovely evening.  Be back soon with some lovely pics (with sun in - I hope!)



  1. Lovely candlesticks - I like the blue and white one as it looks like a china one. Hope you are getting this morning's sunshine. Best wishes, Pj x

  2. Hello Victoria! Your candle sticks are just lovely...Always nice to create some thing different your here in the north west rather chilly! hoping the sun shined on your Sunday!! Maria x

  3. Can't wait to see your blanket. I am embarking on my first granny square and I am really enjoying it. The candlesticks look amazing!

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