Monday, 28 May 2012

A Simple Sunday

Phew! What a scorcher! It reached the heady heights of 28 degrees today. Far too hot to be doing any strenuous activity. A quiet day at home doing simple things was what was called for.

So.... Out came the paddling pool and lots of fun was had - just splashing.  

Toes were cooled, juice with ice was drunk, a BIT of relaxing was done (with two wee babes around I don't think you can totally relax), some washing was done and pegged out and it was all very pleasant.

Little Miss & I cooling our toes
 Then whilst preparing dinner I heard a squeaking sound out in the garden and there climbing the fence was a little fledgling (not entirely sure what bird it was - a blue tit or similar I think).  Sorry the pictures aren't too clear, I didn't want to get too close and frighten them.

Such a big fence for such a teeny bird!

Mummy kept coming down making encouraging chirps and the fledgling made it to the safety of our garden fairy lights.

It sat there quite a while, totally bemused by the whole task at hand but then all of a sudden it plucked up the courage and flew off towards mummy on a nearby roof. It was sooo lovely to see as we never get birds in our garden.

After all that excitement we had our dinner and Little Miss wanted something for dessert. I remembered Penelope's lovely post for Coolers. I had some blueberries and strawberries in the freezer so they were whizzed up with some natural yoghurt and a teaspoon of icing sugar for a little sweetness. It went down very well!

Strawberry and Blueberry Cooler - Delicious!
 Ooh, just wanted to show you this - It's mint from Mum and Dads garden, Mum gave me a cutting on Saturday and I'm attempting to grow it (not holding out too much hope!).  I Love mint, I find it very nostalgic.  It used to grow in my Grandparents garden and I always remember walking past the HUGE bush they had and having to pinch it's leaves to release it's aromatic smell - Mmmmm!

Hope you all had a relaxing Sunday. Just wanted to say thank you for ALL your wonderful comments on my last couple of posts and a warm hello to all my followers - its so lovely to have your company! As I'm nearly at 50 followers I shall be hosting a giveaway over the Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend to say thank you to you all!  More later in the week!



  1. Hi, what a lovely weekend it was! Think it's a baby sparrow, only know because we've got hundreds in our garden, there's supposed to be a shortage, but not here ... I've got that Cath Kidston book, love her early work. Looking forward to your giveaway, you'll soon be at the magic number! Have a lovely day, Claire xx

  2. Wasn't it just swelteringly hot - far too hot to do any proper housework! Enjoy the week ahead!

  3. Yellow underside? Blue wings? I think it's a blue-tit, but then it does look a bit big to be one..........We get loads of birds here but mainly we get ROOKS!! Hate 'em. Noisy quarrelsome blighters, they made a real din all yesterday afternoon. But the sunshine was nice!

    Those coolers souns divine..what have I got lurking in the freezer.......Let's hope we get a bit more of this hot stuff!

  4. what a sweet little happy he made it back to his/her mum x
    love the feet in the paddling pool photo!
    stay jooles x

  5. Look at those cute little baby toes-there is nothing sweeter. Thanks for following my blog and entering the giveaway. I'm your newest follower!

  6. The baby birds are so vulnerable aren't they? I found one lying on the grass one year and put it in my empty hanging basket,hoping it would be ok,but sadly it didn't make it. We've just been sitting in the garden watching the blackbird eating the bread out of Bella's marrowbone.She wasn't too impressed! :0)

  7. Oh, the poor baby bird!! But he were brave in the end. :)
    I hope your mint grows. I love mint too. :)

  8. Phew - thank goodness that sweet bird managed to find his wings and get back to his mum!
    The fruit cooler has been on my mind all weekend, I have the fruit but need to remember to buy some natural yoghurt x

  9. What a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon! Hi, Victoria I am your Handmade Heart Swap partner :-) Looks like we got plenty in common so I am really looking forward to putting your little paarcel of hearts together! Please visit my blog - you'll find my email address on the 'About Me' page or you can tweet me @forestflower23 Looking forward to getting to know you better x

  10. It has been a bit *phew* - love the picture of the toes in the paddling pool.

    Nina x