Sunday, 27 May 2012

Magazine Love

I've been meaning to share this with you for a couple of days now. A fabulously, gorgeous new magazine!

A lovely cup of tea in a new cup and a new magazine in the garden, what more could you want?

Pretty Nostalgic!  Even the name draws you in! And it does not disappoint! It's £8 an issue so a little pricey, but it's bi-monthly so it's no more expensive than the lovely home magazines out there. I ordered mine online after reading about it here as it is only sold in a small number of shops at the moment. Here is the link to the website.

Jubilee inspired front cover! Love, love, love!

Back page - what's inside!
 I won't spoil this magazine for you by showing you photos from inside but rest assured if you love AnYtHiNg vintage, shabby chic, thrifty, nostalgic then you are going to LoVe this magazine too!

Went to Mums yesterday with the little sweetpeas as hubby is a little under the weather and took some lovely floral pictures.  Mum and Dad have a beautiful cottage style garden that is full to the brim with delightful flowers and plants.

Lily of the Valley - My all time favourite bloom!

So, so pretty!

Love the colour

Beautiful Aquilegias

More Lilacs

And Hydrangeas
 I'm not much of a gardener but these next few are from my teeny, tiny garden and are all waiting to burst into flower!


Pretty Pinks

Love the foliage on this!

It is still gloriously sunny and hot here, hope you're enjoying it too!



  1. I've seen that magazine, but like you said 8.00 seemed out of my budget. i didnt realise it is bi monthly, i may treat myself afterall! Thanks!!

  2. Victoria, hello! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming my newset follower - I've not been blogging long, and it is always such a thrill when you get to 'meet' other bloggers. Always amazed people are actually reading my blog.

    And just popped across to yours - how lovely and look...your mum has the same flowers in her garden, but don't worry about not being a gardener, pots and containers are great, and a lot easier to look after in the DROUGHT!
    I'll be 'following' you now, all the best, Lynne.

  3. Ooh,that magazine looks great! I don't think I'll be able to resist that one.
    I only have pots in my garden now as Bella used to plough through the flowerbed and ruin all my flowers.
    Have a great's going to be a scorcher!(we're off to the sea) :0)

  4. So far I've resisted that magazine ... but I keep going online and looking at it! My curiosity is getting the better of me! Your flower pics are lovely ... hope you're enjoying the sun, Claire xxx

  5. Oh gorgeous flowers and photos!!

    Well I'll never get it in the shops here tch!!! so online I go to have a look see....just my type of magazine.
    Have fun Victoria on this glorious Sunday morning :-)


  6. Lovely comments, thank you Ladies! You're gonna LOVE THIS MAG!
    Victoria xx

  7. thanks for the mag tip off! it looks fab. Definate purchase.

    Thanks for following as well


  8. Such beautiful flowers, and how tempting that magazine is :D

  9. That magazine looks great and your flower shots are beautiful. Im not a gardener either everything I touch dies.

  10. Hi I have just found you and joined your blog,lovely pics of beautiful flowers.Look forward to reading more.Love Jill xx

  11. Hi lovely,

    I finally got round to looking at your blog, an instant follow! Your blog is wonderful :) Thank you for following me and introducing me to your cosy little blog space.

    Lexie @ piecesofwonderful

  12. The magazine looks lovely. Beautiful flower pics!

  13. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for the tip on that mag. It looks wonderful! And your flowers/plant photos are lovely. xx